Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame nominations for 2016.

Hall of Fame Selection Committee Chair
Name E-mail
Bill Meyer hof@glasasoftball.org

Hall of Fame Procedures and Nomination Form

GLASA Hall of Fame Procedures
GLASA Hall of Fame Nomination Form

History of Hall of Fame

GLASA established the Hall of Fame July 2006. The initial committee was made up with Jack Parrish, John Fournier, Jim Meizlik, Al Paronto and Board representative Desmond Fletcher. The committee met over many months to set up the criteria for selection. The goal of the committee was to honor those people who went beyond playing on the field but endeavored, with their talents off the field, to make this a better league.

As the inaugural selection we wanted to put special emphasis on people who were pivotal in the formation and expansion of the league. The committee diligently discussed the extent of participation in the league to determine the most qualified recipients. GLASA had a couple of awards that were given out over time to honor people who have contributed to the league. The committee decided to incorporate those individuals into the Hall of Fame. Consequently, anyone who had been given the Willie Johnson or Fred Bastida award was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

"The Fred Bastida Award was given to individuals w ith exemplary service within the league as well as service outside of the league."

"The Willie Johnson award was given to members for excellence in play, coaching or managing within the league."

Inductees Year
Larry Potter 2017
Bill Meyer 2017
Martin Madrigal-Diaz 2017
Rick Larimore 2017
Chad Foydl 2015
Tom King* 2014
Los Angeles Stray Cats 2014
Ken Scearce 2014
Freddie Alvarez 2013
Kelly Guerrero 2013
Byron Lewis 2013
Rick Paddor 2013
Jim Westbrook 2012
Bryan Bahorich 2011
Bill Holland* 2011
Mark James 2011
Rick Maas 2011
Larry Ruiz 2011
Tony Timmons 2011
Gary Castro 2010
Frank Delgado 2010
David Lerma 2010
Richard Meza 2010
Jason Winburn 2010
Joel Elkins 2009
Julie Fagaau* 2009
Naomi Iki 2009
Richard Jimenez 2009
Nancy Nomura 2009
Phil Burns 2008
Norm Heiserman* 2008
John Sainsbury 2008
Barry Capilow 2007
D.W. Cook* 2007
Desmond Fletcher 2007
Jim Killion 2007
Art Martinez 2007
Jim Meizlik 2007
Al Paronto 2007
Steve Velasquez 2007
Maurice Walker* 2007
Homer Alba 2006
Fred Bastida* 2006
Bill Dehn 2006
John Fournier 2006
Chris Groomes 2006
Guy H. 2006
Beau Hammitt 2006
Willie Johnson* 2006
Roger Lemieux 2006
Rick Leon 2006
Mel Littlejohn 2006
Israel Ortiz* 2006
Jack Parrish* 2006
Mark Springer 2006
Art Wilson 2006
Ziggy Zaragoza 2006