Forms, Documents, and Tools

GLASA Season Registration and Change Forms
Title Updated Instructions Formats
Team Registration 2022-09-01
Individual Registration 2022-09-01
Roster Change Request 2018-08-07
Player Rating Change or Review Request 2019-06-21
GLASA Misc. Documents, Forms, Tools
Title Updated Formats
Accident Insurance Claim Form 2021-09-08
GLASA Governance Documents
Title Updated Formats
GLASA ByLaws 2017-09-14
GLASA Open League Softball League Code 2022-06-14
GLASA Rules of Play (RoP) 2023-02-14
GLASA Whittier Narrows Park Field Boundaries & Rules 2016-02-26
GLASA Financial Policies & Procedures Manual 2022-03-19
NAGAAA Player Rating Guidelines 2023-01-23
GLASA Payment Requests
Title Updated Formats
Disbursement Request Form 2015-10-28
IRS Form W-9 2015-07-09
Travel Reimbursement Policy 2022-03-19