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GLASA Season Registration and Change Forms
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Team Registration 2017-08-01
Individual Registration 2017-08-01
Roster Change Request 2016-11-21
Player Rating Change or Review Request 2016-01-04
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Accident Insurance Claim Form 2018-03-16
GLASA vs Ryan Lawsuit

On Thursday, September 21 in our case regarding the ownership of the Sin City Shootout, a federal judge issued a preliminary order finding that The Greater Los Angeles Softball Association (GLASA) has always run the event and owns the name and trademark. Before doing so, the judge reviewed the evidence submitted by both GLASA and Mr. Ryan. For those of you interested, the judge’s ruling is attached here.

We sincerely hope this clears up any confusion and alleviates any concerns that anyone may have had.

So, let’s get on to the fun!
As we move forward with our new name, Sin City Classic, we expect our 11th annual event in Las Vegas to be the best yet. We hope to see you there in January 2018!
GLASA Governance Documents
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GLASA ByLaws 2017-09-14
GLASA Open League Softball League Code 2018-04-11
GLASA Rules of Play (RoP) 2018-04-11
GLASA Whittier Narrows Park Field Boundaries & Rules 2016-02-26
GLASA Accounting Policies & Procedures Manual 2015-07-13
NAGAAA Player Rating Guidelines 2016-11-18
Definitions for NAGAAA Player Rating Guidelines 2016-08-27
GLASA Payment Requests
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Disbursement Request Form 2015-10-28
IRS Form W-9 2015-07-09